The Clinic

Whatever emotional issue is holding you back in your life or relationships can be cleared by the methods and procedures of the Anxiety Therapy Clinic.

The Clinic in its present form was founded by Edward Gunn, who, having been in private practice  as a Therapist or many years, noticed  a significant rise in both private and Company referred clients suffering from Acute Anxiety or Anxiety related disorders and realised there was an ever growing need for a specialist and dedicated service to aid these people in achieving solutions which release them from their anxiety prison.

Whilst providing specialist treatments for the more severe forms of Anxiety and related disorders (Such as Panic attacks, PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia etc’) the Clinic is also a resource for those suffering any form of anxiety, ranging from the person nervous about making an important presentation or speech, to the person too anxious to use a lift; from exam or driving test nerves, to those suffering from Low Self Esteem or lack of confidence.

Any form of Anxiety, no matter how it is labelled or perceived, can have detrimental effects on a person’s life in many ways and for that reason treatment s are offered for all forms of Anxiety, Anxiety related conditions and any other negative emotions.

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